Tree Service Precautions

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Trees are the best addition that any residence or garden can have. Apart from adding to the scenic and esthetic beauty, trees play a major role in providing shade from the harsh sunshine and act as a wind buffer. A significant challenge associated with having trees is that over time the branches and limbs grow too long or dry out leading to the need for trimming or pruning. Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC tree trimming is not as easy as it sounds. If the job is not carefully approached, significant property damage can result. Additionally, severe physical injury is a real possibility. The best way to tend to your trees is to have an arborist evaluate them for the best maintenance plan of action. It is also advised to have a professional tree service company affect these remedies for safety reasons.

If the homeowner decides to trim, prune, or conduct entire tree removal, here is a list of some precautionary measures to take. Again, in almost all instances, it is better to have professionals conduct any tree care.

Abide by Local Tree Regulations

These are the laws that are set by the local city or town and sometimes by the area of the city you live in to ensure that the environment is conserved. As an example; Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina has restrictions on the size and type of tree that may be cut down, while the Snee Farm sub-division in Mount Pleasant adds more restrictions on top of this.

Make sure that the cutting down or trimming of a certain tree is done according to the laws. Fines levied when contravening local regulations and laws are very stiff at times. Every locality has different laws regarding conservation. If you are not sure about your area laws, get information from someone that is qualified.

Use Right Tree Service Tools

The tools needed for the job depend on the size of the tree to be trimmed or cut down. Major trimming usually involves branches that are thicker than two inches. A chainsaw (or particularly good hand saw) should be used to trim branches that are this thick or more. To cut down a tree entirely, a power saw operated by a professional will be the best option. Large trees should not be dropped by anyone unqualified. A small error could lead to destruction of property and/or personal injury.

Wear Protective Clothing

There are many hazards involved in the trimming of trees. Protective clothing to be used when doing the trimming includes:

  • Tough work gloves
  • Steel toed boots
  • Safety goggles
  • Hard hat

The gloves will protect hands from getting ripped or splintered by pieces of wood. The goggles are to keep dirt, saw dust and all other particles from the eyes. When using a chain saw, particles will be moving too fast for blinking for protection. Obviously, the hard hat will protect the head from falling objects.

Practice Proper Tree Trimming Technique

This is somewhat of an art learned by arborists during training and in practice. The technique that is used when trimming a tree is what determines if it will sprout new branches or completely die out. Trimming should be conducted in such a way that the tissue of the main trunk of the tree does not get damaged. Any damage to the trunk can lead to tree decay and eventual tree loss. Caution is paramount when trimming heavy branches. There are times when the weight causes the branch to tear on the trunk. This can be avoided in most cases by cutting a shallow notch at the bottom of the heavy branches about five inches from trunk before making the final cut from above.

Tree Service Personnel Safety

Ensure the area of possible falling limbs and trees in entirely clear of property, vehicles and people with a large safety margin. Once more, enlisting the help of arborists and experts to help or complete the entire job is the recommended way to care for trees.

Last modified: April 12, 2023