Tree Service in the Lowcountry

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General Tree Service

Tree service throughout the Lowcountry is similar to the work done by Palmetto Tree Service in the Mount Pleasant and Charleston areas.
Tree maintenance, removal, pruning, and trimming along with stump grinding are offered for a wide area from  Summerville to the barrier islands and other nearby areas by local arborists. Look for a company that has the latest in equipment including bucket truck, chipper, skid loader, and stump grinder. Also check that their tree climbers are trained to ISA standards.

Each tree variety in the coastal area has a particular growth structure. Proper pruning and customer desires need to be factored into each individual tree care project. We encourage you to be proactive to prolong your trees’ lives by proper shaping and trimming.

Tree Maintenance/Preservation

Community Associations’ and homeowners’ budgets can be heavily impacted by the recovery from tree damage due to storms. Many times a budget only allows for nominal cosmetic tree work such as clearance of sidewalks and parking lots, and fire code requirements. If you find trees and limbs falling after each strong wind around James Island, Hanahan, North Charleston, etc., you should elect to have annual tree preservation to offset those impactful tree casualties.

Proper arborist techniques facilitate safe co-existence of structures and large trees. The goal of “tree preservation” is increasing resistance of your trees to heavy rain, high wind, and ice storm conditions whether in downtown Charleston, Isle of Palms, Daniel Island, or other. Esthetics is a bonus of this tree maintenance.

Arborists do not top trees as a quick fix for maintenance. Survival shoots growing as large as non-topped counterparts can result, which will be weakly attached. This condition can be worse than the original problem you are attempting to correct. Sometimes tree death results and this creates even more expense. Property values and your curb appeal can plummet by disfigurement caused by topping.

The proper approach is crown reduction. This is employed when the combined circumference of the major leads exceeds that of the trunk base. In this instance, your tree is probably top heavy and is more susceptible to uprooting and/or breakage. Up to one third of the weight of the crown can be removed to alleviate the top-heavy condition, allowing better oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange and better sunlight penetration. You will see more vibrant tree growth with better surface foliage growth. Wind now blows through the limbs instead of pushing. When it comes to Sullivan’s Island, Dewees Island, Folly Beach, and other area mature trees, it pays to be proactive.

Tree Removal

There are times when tree removal is the only answer. If so, please ask for a free estimate before cutting down your own tree. A professional tree service company may be the best answer when:

Last modified: August 3, 2022