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Certified tree services company for Mount Pleasant, Charleston, and surrounding areas. Expert ISA Arborist supervised trimming, pruning, removal, stump grinding and more. Fully insured. Think of us as the tree service near me company. We have offered dedicated and professional residential and commercial tree care service from Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island to James Island and beyond since 1999.

Owner and operator, Robert Thompson, is an ISA Certified Arborist who stays at the forefront of arboriculture through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) continuing education system. He uses this expansive knowledge to best assist you with any tree care needs and advice.

Along with our FREE ESTIMATES, we offer:


Tree Service

As an ISA Certified Arborist, Robert Thompson uses his twenty-five plus years in the industry to supply you with expert, professional, and quality tree care. Ask him anything while he is on site to pick his brain about your trees.


Tree Removal

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee gives you assurance that you will be entirely satisfied with your project. We are not happy until you are! Job sites are always left in better condition than when we arrive.


Tree Trimming

Our arboriculture services are listed on our tree services page and include everything from light pruning and fertilization to tree removal and stump grinding. If you don’t see your particular need listed, just call.

Professional Area-wide Tree Care

Your Tree Removal and Pruning Experts for Charleston, Mt Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, and surrounding areas.

Our services are listed on our SERVICES page and include everything from light pruning and fertilization to tree removal and stump grinding. We are the tree service near by. If you don’t see your particular need listed, just call whether in Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Hanahan, North Charleston, East Cooper, Daniel Island or anywhere in the Tri-County area.

Palmetto Tree Service has the goal of always delivering 100% satisfaction. We are not happy until you are! Job sites are always left in better condition than when we arrive.


We are fully licensed in Charleston, Mount Pleasant and the Tri-County Area (Charleston County, Berkeley County and Dorchester County) and carry complete general liability insurance coverage. We also carry full workers’ compensation insurance. Please request insurance certificates before any work is performed. Certificates should always come from the insurance agent via mail, email, or fax and never from the contractor you choose to conduct your tree service.


Robert strives to be on every job site and has trained his crew in the same rigorous manner that he abides by. Our YouTube Video Channel shows examples of us working on site.


CALL TODAY for your free estimate or leave a message for us on our convenient Contact Form on the CONTACT page. 

Tree Pruning






Proper Tree Pruning

When a Charleston or Mount Pleasant, SC tree is pruned correctly, it becomes beautiful and fits better to its landscape. Pruning also helps to reduce cost of caring for a tree. On the other hand, improper cutting can cause great harm such that, it is better not to prune than to do the work badly. Several techniques help with proper Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island or Mt Pleasant, SC tree trimming.


Using proper arboriculture techniques is essential for ensuring a well-manicured, mature landscape that has trees. As an ISA Certified Arborist, Robert provides that experience. Just having a saw or any other tree cutting equipment does not qualify anyone to prune. Only trained professionals who understand what is not required in proper tree care should attempt to remove trees or conduct major pruning.


The right way to prune is to remove parts that are no longer needed by the tree and retain those that are needed. Proper trimming of a tree provides the plant with energy enabling it to yield more flowers, fruits and/or branches. Pruning also depends on the location of the tree. Different locations offer different nutrient capacities for the tree to regrow after the tree care has been conducted. Remember, proper pruning/trimming ensures that the tree has enough ability to continue growing.


The tree care work done by the certified arborist is done to train the tree on the direction that it should grow and to maintain its health. For landscapes, trees need to look healthy and pruning ensures that they use up limited resources efficiently. Pruning can also be done to restrict growth, and when this is the goal, the most vegetative parts of the tree are the ones cut off.


Understanding the outcome of tree care with arboriculture goals in South Carolina is essential. Without a goal in mind, one can prune a tree only to realize that it does not fit its purpose after the act. Unfortunately, removal of limbs and branches cannot be undone, and when done incorrectly, the tree may not regrow to its former glory. Therefore, knowing the role of tree care helps one to do correct pruning. There is a wealth of forestry information at: http://www.trees.sc.gov


With all that in mind, there may come a time when the tree is too old, diseased or damaged to save. Tree removal is the last option, but for safety and esthetics, completely removing a tree along with grinding the stump may be the correct choice. We have read and heard of many injuries when homeowners tackle cutting down a tree themselves. It may look safe and simple, but downing a tree is a very dangerous event.

Tree Facts

  • 1. Trees contribute to lower air temperature by evaporating water through leaves.
  • 2. Trees are sound barriers, lessening noise pollution.
  • 3. Erosion reduction – the trees and root systems hold the ground together according to palmettotreeservice.
  • 4. Improved aquifer and watershed water quality is provided by trees filtering rain water.
  • 5. Fresher air – trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen as their life cycle.
  • 6. Wild life homes and food are provided.
  • 7. City and downtown Columbia, SC tree life is limited to an average of eight years.
  • 8. Over two billion dollars in heating and cooling costs are saved annually by tree shade/shelter.
  • 9. At ten years old, trees peak out in carbon dioxide absorption.
  • 10. The equivalent in absorption of carbon dioxide and emission is one acre of trees to 8700 miles in a car.
  • 11. Trees along roads provide glare reduction to motorists.

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