Pruning Before and After

Live oak tree pruning around Mt Pleasant and Charleston, SC is conducted to promote attractive, healthy and strong trees. It is not a do-it-yourself evolution and best left to a qualified tree service arborist. You should consider having your live oak trees inspected on a yearly basis by an arborist to see if your trees require pruning for health, safety or aesthetics.

Pruning Live Oaks for Health

Live oak tree health is encouraged by pruning. It helps encourage a strong tree that resists the effects of strong winds. Existing wounds heal better when broken or damaged branches are removed. Thinning the live oak tree crown lessens pest problems. Removing insect infested or diseased growth is always a sound pruning decision.

Aesthetic Pruning

A look around Charleston and Mount Pleasant will allow you to easily see the benefits of aesthetic pruning. It is combined with safety and health pruning to provide a groomed live oak tree look that you enjoy.

Pruning for Safety

Live oak tree branches that grow into utility lines or that pose the risk of falling on property or people should be removed. Sometimes limbs and branches are removed to enable better security by allowing better visibility of entry drives and streets.


The below pictures illustrate live oak tree trimming by showing some before and after pictures in the Charleston and Mt Pleasant, SC areas.

Tree Pruning


live oak pruning mt pleasant sc 1a
live oak pruning charleston south carolina 2a
live oak trimming isle of palms sc 3a
live oak trimming sullivans island south carolina 4a
charleston county oak trimming 5a
palmetto trees before triming

Tree Pruning


mt pleasant sc live oak trimming 1b
live oak tree pruning charleston 2b
isle of palms oak trimming 3b
sullivans island oak tree trimming 4b
oak tree pruning near charleston 5b
palmetto trees after pruning