Dealing with Your Landscaping Company

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There’s no doubt that in your fondest dreams, you see a lawn for your home that looks like a billiards table. You may have seen them on TV. There’s just one question you need answered then – do you really need your landscaping company to douse your lawn with every kind of poisonous pesticide known to man to make this happen?

Do you not want a lawn that your children can play in and that your dog can roll about it? More than one landscaping company has been sued for leaving behind a lawn that looks perfect but that is completely poisonous. Pets have been sickened and children have come by liver cancer and Hodgkin’s disease.

In Italy, soccer players often come down with motor neurone disease – a full body paralysis problem. This happens because in Italy, they liberally spray those football fields with these pesticides to keep them looking really beautiful. Basically, you want to make sure that your landscaping company never does this.

It’s just not cool to do this when it’s easy for your landscaping company to find nonchemical ways. They just have to bring in birds and insects that eat pests.

Your landscaping company will not offer you a money back guarantee for anything. If you ask them for a row of oak trees in your yard and they plant them, what do you do if they all die in three weeks?

Don’t expect a refund, even if they take your call. They’ll tell you that it’s your fault that you didn’t water them or something. The landscaping company doesn’t want to refund you anything because they’re not going to get a refund from the nursery that they bought these plants from. The nursery won’t offer them a refund because, hey, landscapers are supposed to be professionals. They’re supposed to know to tell a good plant from a bad one.

But that doesn’t mean that you get no protection at all. If whatever is right next to what the landscaping company planted is nice and green, but those plants have obviously gone past saving, you could ask for some kind of compensation. After all, if everything around the plant in question is nice and clean, it means you did your job and you watered everything, right?

When you hire a landscaping company to do work out in your garden, there are all kinds of different skills that your landscaper will need. For instance, if there is a well on your property and you need something done about making use of those water resources, the landscaper needs a well driller’s license. A landscaper needs to be licensed to do anything to do drainage work or to do anything with leveling land so that water drains. If you make a mistake, you could be charged significant fines by the governing body in your area.

Last modified: August 22, 2023