Fast-Growing South Carolina Trees

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There may be many reasons why you might want to have fast growing South Carolina trees in your yard. One of the biggest reasons people get these is because they have no shade in their yard and they don’t want to wait twenty years to have some. This is common with new construction where the area has been completely cleared of trees and other natural flora. If you get these types of trees, they won’t instantly shoot up, but they will grow a bit faster and will be something that will show results each year. Of course, arborists and Mount Pleasant tree service companies can help with faster growth with proper tree trimming and fertilization.

Some of the most common fast-growing trees and the most beautiful trees to plant in Mt Pleasant or Charleston you can buy are Royal Empress Tree, Summer Red Maple, the Weeping Willow, Hybrid Poplar, Autumn Blaze Maple, Autumn Purple Ash, Thuja Green Giant, Tulip Poplar, Leyland Cyprus, Royal Empress, and the Lombardy Poplar. These are not only fast growing, but many of them come in colors other than green. That means you can have fast growing trees that add a nice splash of color to your property. They come in colors like yellow, maroon, purple, and the traditional green in some cases.

Some of these trees will grow about ten feet or so in the first year. They growth may slow down a bit after that, but by then you should have a good amount of shade to work with, and that will get better each and every year. This will also allow you to choose a few fast-growing trees while planting some of the more traditional ones that people love like birch, oak, and maple. A small amount of tree trimming along the way may be prudent. They will not grow as fast as the rest, but they are often popular and add a lot to any property.

You can find various trees at your local home store, or you can find them by ordering online. Just remember to care for them properly so you can get the most growth from that that you can. You will find that fast growing trees will live up to their promise, and you can have some shade and beauty on your property within the matter of one year. They may require more water than the average tree, and you may have to fertilizes the ground before you plant for optimal growth. Make sure you plant them away from power lines and other things that might be hindered by a tree that shoots up rather quickly, so you don’t have problems in stormy weather.

Last modified: March 22, 2023