Arborist Logging Equipment

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Logging by an arborist is a very complicated and dangerous process. In order to make it easier, there are certain types of logging equipment that are used. Since many large pieces of equipment may not be able to get into the area immediately, they depend on some smaller ones. Yet don’t under estimate the power behind these pieces of logging equipment. They can lift tons of wood even though they aren’t any wider than a forklift.

All terrain pieces of equipment are used for logging by arborists. This is because the ground is often uneven and difficult to get around. With this type of equipment though it can easily move forward without any problems. There is also less of a risk of it tipping over due to being off balance. All of the loads are secured to the equipment to help prevent injuries due to shifting during transport.

Tractors with front end loaders are often used for logging. This is because they can get into very tight areas without much trouble. They can also be used to remove the roots and other debris from the ground. This will make the clearing area smoother and less of a safety hazard after some of the trees surrounding it have been removed.

There are all types of saws that can be used to cut down the trees. It depends on if you are cutting them from the top or the middles of them. It also depends on what types of trees you plan to cut down with them. Logging can be very dangerous so there also needs to be plenty of safety equipment.

In order to keep all of the various types of logging equipment working like it should, regular maintenance is essential. It is cheaper and more time efficient to do this than to have to shut down operations due to the equipment you need having to be repaired.

The various pieces of equipment used for logging are quite expensive. A logging company can have hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in their equipment. In less developed countries they don’t have too many pieces of machinery to depend on. Instead they rely on the use of animals such as elephants to move the logs from one location to the next.

Last modified: June 30, 2022