Tree Root Protection in Mount Pleasant

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live oak tree protection

You have probably driven by a construction site before and seen orange netting on the site. In many instances that netting was the established boundary around trees. It marked the area that was not to be disturbed during the construction project.

Each tree has an area around it in which unacceptable damage would be sustained if the roots and soil around them were molested. Unfortunately, some contractors do not seek the advice of an ISA certified arborist when they define the boundary around construction site trees. In some instances, this has resulted in damage or death to the trees on the property, requiring stump grinding. The orange netting alerts all workers and helps prevent them from disturbing that soil. Below are a few pictures of various tree sizes and types, each with a different boundary requirement based on the individual root structure.

live oak tree protection
pecan tree root protection
protecting magnolia tree
protect sweet gum tree roots

Last modified: August 3, 2022